Friday, May 08, 2009

The Evolution Revolution

The Evolution Revolution

(From l.): Mary Ann Hoberman,
Deborah Heiligman, Tijs Goldschmidt
and Vicki Cobb.

Two hundred years after Charles Darwin began a discussion of human evolution, people are still talking. The discussion, and specifically the issue of teaching evolution to children, continued Sunday at a PEN World Voices panel held at powerHouse Books in Brooklyn. Entitled, "Evolution for Children: The Fight Goes On," the panel brought together authors Vicky Cobb, Tijs Goldschmidt, Deborah Heiligman and Mary Ann Hoberman, all of whom have been in the forefront in one way or another in the quest to keep the teaching of evolution in schools.


Brian L said...

It´s so important to teach this Theory but our youth need to know that it is JUST a theory and it is not a Law as many as the relatives laws that the science has.
Education its important but let educate for good and truth.

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